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In 2022, WeChat has over 1.2 billion monthly active users. It is the most popular mobile social media platform in China.
There are 20 million active WeChat Official Accounts.
45 billion messages are sent daily by WeChat users.
Source: WeChat Annual Report, 2022
90% of Chinese professionals prefer WeChat for workplace communications.
Source: South China Morning Post, 2022

WeChat launched "Nearby Moment Ad"(附近推), a new location-based advertisement option for small merchants

WeChat officially announced that it has launched a "Nearby Moment Ad"(附近推)marketing solution for small merchants'. It will help with small merchants for their long-term promotion needs, which can accurately display their ads to WeChat users located within 3 km radius from their stores.
These new “local” advertisements are displayed in the Moments Ad stream. According to WeChat, the "Nearby Moment Ad"(附近推) can help clients place ads to WeChat users near their stores, which can accurately cover potential store visitors with the storefront as the center and a radius of 3 kilometers. If the area does not have many WeChat users, it will automatically expand to 5 kilometers around the store. In other words, if you pass by a store that has "Nearby Moment Ad"(附近推), you will most likely see ads in your WeChat Moment.
Compared to other WeChat advertisement options, the fees are quite low, starting at 2000 RMB for a 30-day plan. WeChat officially announced that the number of viewers in core cities can exceed 25,000, key cities exceed 35,000, and other cities exceed 70,000.
If you had an offline store and would like to target WeChat users pass by, may be this will be your better choice.
Contact us if you had interest.

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