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In 2022, WeChat has over 1.2 billion monthly active users. It is the most popular mobile social media platform in China.
There are 20 million active WeChat Official Accounts.
45 billion messages are sent daily by WeChat users.
Source: WeChat Annual Report, 2022
90% of Chinese professionals prefer WeChat for workplace communications.
Source: South China Morning Post, 2022

Via WeChat Mini Program, a Chinese KOL sold clothes worth millions RMB in 1 min. What are contributions of WeChat to this?

Rebecca is one Chinese KOL and also an online clothes shop owner. She is only using WeChat Mini Program as her online sales channel.
When starting to prepare her e-commerce business in 2017, her team initially considered traditional forms like H5 or official website. But because the trend of Mini Program has begun to emerge and successful cases have also been seen, they finally chose Mini Program(小程序).
1. Shopping experiences of Mini Program(小程序) are much better in terms of stability and fluency.
2. The connection between Mini Program(小程序) and products like WeChat Advertising(微信廣告), Official Account(微信公眾號), Search(搜一搜), Good Product Circle(好物圈) and WeChat Pay(微信支付) is more flexible and smooth, which provides more convenience for traffic acquisition and conversion.
3. Mini Program(小程序) has a fixed entry on WeChat, which contributes to cultivating user habits and improving user revisits and repurchases.
Besides using Mini Program, Rebecca also chose to place WeChat Ads(微信朋友圈廣告) and achieved more than 20% ROI. Since then, her shop has increased the frequency of advertising, and has successively launched a variety of ads such as Official Account Ads(微信朋友圈廣告) and Banner Ads(橫幅廣告), all of which have achieved good results.
What brands can learn from Rebecca?
1. Use advertisements to draw more traffic to the Official Account and use in-depth content to converse traffic to account followers.
2. Make good use of new interactive tools such as Good Product Circle(好物圈) to do in-depth content production and interaction.
3. Use Gift Cards(禮品卡), Coupons(優惠券) and other Mini Programs(小程序) to encourage buyers to share in Good Product Circle(好物圈) and recommend to their friends.
WeChat is the most useful system for brands who want to enter China E-commerce market. They should fully utilize the social advantages in the WeChat Ecosystem(微信生態系統) to activate the word-of-mouth communication and increase sales conversion.

Source: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/dioz0bt87Ity3Y8doVifvA

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