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In 2022, WeChat has over 1.2 billion monthly active users. It is the most popular mobile social media platform in China.
There are 20 million active WeChat Official Accounts.
45 billion messages are sent daily by WeChat users.
Source: WeChat Annual Report, 2022
90% of Chinese professionals prefer WeChat for workplace communications.
Source: South China Morning Post, 2022

Top 5 Ways to Generate WeChat Official Account User Stickiness in Comment Sections

A WeChat Official Account is a must for any brand in China, but open rates and engagement have gone down.The most proposed solution is to create better content. While it is crucial,that alone may not be enough to generate user stickiness.
What else?
One is to make better use of comments section. A study conducted of 500 popular accounts found that article views were averagely 50% higher on accounts that regularly interacted with readers in comments sections.
Merely turning on comments function isn’t enough. Accounts must train readers to make leaving a comment(ideally a thoughtful and interesting one) a habit.
Top Five Methods to Grow Comment Sections:

Have a personality

Make people feel like they are talking to a real and an intriguing person. Like @GQ实验室 which is famous for its snarky, sarcastic responses that make readers laughing.

Give incentives

To develop commenting habits is to give away prizes like coupons, limited edition products, or product samples for the best comments or the comments with the most likes.

Create “Clock-In”打卡 culture

It means that users leave comments to show they read articles.Seeing comments appear and getting responses then becomes an honor. Brands can make it a habit by recognizing and rewarding consistent comment behavior.

Set selection criteria

Reader comments only appear once they have been approved by the back-end. It means brands can select which comments are interesting and worth sharing.

Respond quickly and reply to every comment

Editors should be ready to answer comments right after publication. 47% of all comments are made within 1 hour after publication, and top accounts typically respond to over half the comments they select within ten minutes of a reader submitting a comment. Besides, editors cannot respond to comments 48 hours after it is submitted.
WeChatAgency provides account management services including comments management. We have specialists that know how to select and respond to comments.

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