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WeChat is now the most popular app in China.
The consolidated monthly active users of Wexin and WeChat exceeded one billion in 2018.
Source: WeChat Annual Report, 2018
In 2018, WeChat was the most frequently used application on mobile phones with the news was sent 45 billion times a day, which was a 18% increase.
Source: WeChat Annual Report, 2018
In 2018, WeChat Mini-programs have covered more than 200 industries. Mini-programs have served more than 100 billion users in 2018, and their annual transactions have grown by more than 600%.
Source: CAICT WeChat Economic and Social Impact Report, 2017

How to do Email Marketing Campaign in China? Here are the Best Practices for Content Creation.

The content of an email marketing campaign in China is critical. It is important to make sure that content is suitable for Chinese.
The best practices for content creation:
1 Tone
In the West, it is popular to use informal, light and humorous language in marketing emails. It does not often do well for Chinese. A tone that is too informal may convey a message of low level of commitment or poor quality. Using a reasonably formal or neutral language is typically the best choice.
2. Language
Straight translation of English copy into Chinese hardly works well. So it is recommended to use professional native copywriters for email marketing campaign in China. They will make sure that the language is appropriate, respectful and avoids cultural references that are not widely understood in China.
3 Subject line
Subject line is seen the first. The general rule here is not to appear “spammy”. Choosing the best performing subject line very much depends on the profile of both business and recipients. For example, a simple indication of what the message is about will do just fine for an existing mailing list of dedicated audience who are familiar with the brand. For new recipients, making subject line appearing less generic typically works better.
4 Advertisement Content
Chinese anti spam regulation requires all promotional email to include word “AD” or equivalent in the subject line. Failure to do so may get you fined and/or cause your domain to get banned and become permanently inaccessible in China.
5 Links
A promotional email can have many links. The primary link normally is the one of the CTA (call to action) that redirects readers to a landing page(LP). Most Chinese use smartphones to read emails, they will mostly view LP inside phone’s browsers. So LP needs to render properly on a mobile screen without zooming it out to read it. Responsive design for LP is important for CTR.
Source: Email Marketing Campaign in China, Part 2: Best Practices for Content Creation---Sampi

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